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New Earth Foundation


  • meets NEF’s Vision and Mission (see Home Page)

  • is innovative, new, pioneering, even ingenious

  • transforms an aspect of society and provides practical solutions

  • fulfills an important and persisting need

  • outlines one specific undertaking with clearly defined goals, implementation plan and expected results

  • indicates who will benefit and how

  • endeavors to involve those who are served in the planning process

  • includes plans for replication so that benefits can multiply

  • contains an evaluation process to measure success, progress, and future decision-making

  • seeks community involvement and/or collaboration with other organizations

  • is cost-effective with a realistic budget appropriate for the proposed program, and a suitable balance between project related administrative costs and benefits to those served

  • has a plan of acquiring future funding from other sources

  • has qualified staff/volunteers to carry out the project, with staff qualifications clearly specified

  • has images of models/examples, and will provide such regarding work on the project and it's completion


Although organizations with their specific types of projects listed below do valuable and important work, NEF does not give grants to:

  • organizations that do not have 501(c)(3) tax status

  • individuals

  • personal education expenses

  • mainstream social services or organizations that are affiliated with a well-known national or community organization

  • real estate, repairs, maintenance, building or renovation projects

  • general organizational purposes

  • standard after-school programs, summer camps, or gardening programs, unless they are significantly innovative and pioneering

  • projects not well-defined and focuses

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